We can help you introduce active travel in your workplace


Active Workplaces – Active Travel offer

Active Travel, and in particular the commute to and from work, can have significant benefits. It eases congestion, reduces pollution while positively impacting both the physical and mental well-being of those taking to two wheels, or two feet. Not to mention, active travel is a cheap option that can result in significant savings.

For the employer the benefits are numerous too. Fitter, healthier, more productive staff. Increased staff retention and motivation, and a reduction in the requirement for car-parking spaces. In addition, supporting your staff to travel actively demonstrates corporate social responsibility and contributes towards carbon-neutral ambitions.

Why now?
Lockdown saw unprecedented levels of cycling and walking in England and we want to channel this enthusiasm for active travel, to support long term behaviour change. Now is the moment to focus on the opportunities presented by active travel, particularly the role it plays in enabling social distancing.


We want to help support you to enable your employees to travel actively

We have developed a package of support for Greater Norwich and Great Yarmouth organisations that is available to your workplace and employees: To take advantage of this offer complete this expression of interest form

Step 1
Attend our Active Travel Champion Training. Delivered virtually, this 90 minute session will explore in greater depth the benefits of an active workforce, how your organisation can support active travel among staff, and detail the package of support that we have available to help you achieve this.

Step 2
Following the training, we will work with you to identify from the following list which elements of support are most suitable for your employees.

• Beryl Bike vouchers* – Access free bundles to enable your staff to use the Norwich bike sharing scheme for local journeys. Find out more about Beryl here

• Cycle maintenance vouchers – Give your tired bike a makeover at a local bikeshop with one of our £50 vouchers

• Cycle Confidence Training – we understand that a big barrier to active travel is confidence; British Cycling have created a series of videos full of tips and advice, whether you’re a seasoned commuter or cycling to work for the first time

• Cycle Loan Scheme* – fancy trying a bike before you take the plunge. The Norwich Cycle Loan Scheme enables you borrow a bike for up to 4 weeks, no strings attached! You can find out more here.

• Personal Journey Planning – offer your staff a free journey plan to explore the active travel options available – tailored to take in to account journey distance, time of day and preferred mode of transport (cycle, walk)

• Active Travel Infrastructure Grants – Do you have a simple fix at your workplace that would make it easier for your staff to travel actively? Perhaps cycle parking, showers or lockers. If you have a simple solution that you need help funding, let us know and we may be able to help with a grant of up to £5,000.

*Norwich-based residents only – unfortunately these offers are only currently available in Norwich.