Is there a better way to get around than putting one foot in front of the other?


Commuting, exploring or just stretching your legs – walking couldn’t be simpler. What’s more, it’s great for your health and doesn’t cost a thing!

You don’t have to hike up a mountain to get the benefits either (luckily for us in Norfolk!) Walking for just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, can halve the risk of heart disease.

Walking is a fantastic way to enjoy your surroundings while you travel. You might even discover parts of the neighbourhood you never knew about. And if more of us took to the pavement there’d be fewer traffic related deaths and stressful car journeys.

Make it your mission to walk your way to better health, less stress and cheaper travel.


Walking Events

Discover walking events like The Big Stroll. Organised by Central Norfolk Walking for Health and suitable for all ages and walking abilities, these short and easy walks take place in local communities around Norwich and Great Yarmouth.


Discover Norfolk trails

Find the best route for you, wherever you are in Norfolk with the Norfolk Trails.

Stumble across the unexpected and explore Norwich’s rich history, find out more with the Nooks and Crannies guide.


Get rewards for walking

Earn rewards every time you walk, run or cycle in Norwich, up to 10km outside the city and across the whole of Great Yarmouth. Just download the free BetterPoints App to your smartphone and earn points by logging your activities.


Plan your journey

Need some help planning your A to B? Our personalised journey planner will get you there without a fuss.