It’s amazing how seeing two two of something can make you think twice

When we’re on the road we don’t make decisions as well as we think we do. 96% of us think a small object will take longer to reach us than a large one travelling at the same speed.

We all make mistakes.

That’s why we are encouraging road users to See One, Think Two.


Imagine two cyclists before you try and get around one. Leave enough time and space to pass both.

Twice the time, twice the room.


Imagine two cars before you make your move at a junction. Allow enough time to be seen by other road users.

Twice the time, twice the room.


Whether you drive, cycle or walk, we’re asking everyone to watch out for unexpected hazards and dangers. Watch this animation to find out more.

Get in touch with any hotspots you find so we can encourage other road users to… See One, Think Two and stay safe!

Making Norfolk’s road’s safer for everyone.

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