Taking regular care of your bike will extend its lifetime and help you get the most out of it.

Doing regular bike checks and simple maintenance can help you ride more safely and avoid the need for costly repairs.

A basic safety check to carry out each time you use your bike is ABC-SH:

Air – check tyres are hard. A soft tyre is more prone to punctures and harder to pedal

Brakes – pull in each brake lever one at a time and check the bike does not move

Chain – check the chain is on properly. Turning the pedals backward by hand, check that it runs smoothly.  The most important maintenance you can do is to keep your chain clean and grit free.  Always clean the chain before lubricating, and use a chain oil or GT85 spray. WD40 isn’t suitable for your bike chain!

Seat – check your seat height is right for you, and that the seat doesn’t move at all while you are riding

Handlebars – holding your front wheel still between your feet, you should not be able to twist the handlebars. If they are loose they may twist while you are riding.


If you want to do a more detailed safety check, take a look at the M Check.