The University of East Anglia (UEA) are conducting a research evaluation project on Pushing Ahead to capture key outcomes and to learn about the impact of sustainable travel activity on individuals, communities, and the local economies and environments of Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

As part of the research, baseline surveys with participants are being used to gather information about walking and cycling activity, health, and wellbeing before people engage with Pushing Ahead events or activities. Follow-up surveys are then being used to capture changes in these measures that might arise from participating in Pushing Ahead.

Key performance indicators for the programme are also being collected, including information on the number of participants engaging with the programme, as well as their demographic characteristics.

The UEA team are also undertaking a process evaluation of Pushing Ahead, which consists of a series of interviews with staff involved in the design and implementation of the programme. The aim is to help understand how the context within which the activities were developed and put into action might influence their effectiveness. Themes being explored include how the activities have worked in practice, whether they ran as intended, how joint working can be facilitated, and what the legacy Pushing Ahead might be, with the aim of helping manage the programme and any future activities that might arise from it.

Ethical approval has been obtained from the University Faculty of Health Ethics Committee for all the evaluation activities.

Norfolk's Access Fund application

In September 2016, Norfolk County Council submitted a bid to the Department of Transport for funding to increase cycling and walking in key growth areas of Norwich and Great Yarmouth. You can read the Access Fund bid here.