It’s always nice if you can try before you buy, so why not borrow a bike to see if it’s for you?


The Cycle Loan Scheme gives you access to a FREE bike for up to 4 weeks. Yep, we did say FREE! It comes complete with a lock, light, helmet and child seat (if you need one), all for just a £50 deposit. We also have a limited number of electric bikes available for a £100 deposit.

You even get your deposit back when you return the bike, plus there’s the option to purchase the bike for a discounted price. So, it’s basically a win-win for you.

We can help you with bike safety tips too; just take a look at our cycling confidence page to cycle like a pro.

And, once you’ve got a bike, you can use the journey planner to explore the Norwich and Great Yarmouth cycle routes by requesting a personalised journey plan, which is are fun. Or, you could even join one of the local cycling clubs.