With Beryl Bays placed throughout the city, you'll always find a bike nearby whether you want to cycle to work, meet up with friends or get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

How Beryl Bikes work

Download the app and unlock a bike. Enjoy the ride, then park in a Beryl Bay or in a considerate location of your choice. A convenience fee will apply for out of bay parking.

Beryl Zone

Beryl Bikes can be found within a large, designated operating zone across the city, marked on the link below and in the app. You’ll be charged a penalty for parking outside the Beryl Zone.

Free Minutes

For a limited time we have 1000 x 200 minute bundles to give away. Download the app and follow the in app messages or simple add in the bundle by using the special code BBBNorwich

To find out more visit Beryl Bikes Norwich

Advice on COVID-19 for using Beryl Bikes


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