Walking and cycling are such great ways to get around Norwich and Great Yarmouth – there are loads of good reasons to do them…


Good For You

Get this. Walking for just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, can halve the risk of heart disease. PLUS, it reduces stress, cholesterol and blood pressure. Not to mention, you’ll get there faster because walking and cycling avoids traffic congestion and can be the quickest way to get around.


Good For Your Wallet

Cycling to work costs a fraction of using a car, and if your commute is 5 miles or more you stand to save a whopping £3,000 a year. Now just think what you could do with that.


Good For The Planet

You can help reduce local air pollution every time you walk or cycle, which is great news for the planet and your community. Now take a deep breath of that fresh air and give yourself a high five – feels good doesn’t it?


Good For Everyone

If more of us make the move to cycling and walking we’d reduce traffic related deaths by up to 30% and massively reduce local congestion.